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GTW420-Pro - Advanced terminal emulator

GTW420-Pro is not just a terminal emulator; it creates an opportunity, for your host application, to use Internet and Windows technology. We make the best out of Windows in order to provide you with productive and more efficient working environment. Get GTW420-Pro advanced features as a chance to enhance your competitive advantage with no effort. The advanced features utilized E-Mail, activate hyperlinks and much more.

GTW420-Pro Advanced features:

  Revolutionary printing system
  Utilize hyperlink to connect Internet sites
  Extended editing features
  Smart marking device
  Powerful programmable button bar
  Backward scrolling of 1000 lines of history
  SSH TCP/IP and Com1-Com8 support

Printing revolution
Modern business demand modern solutions, we bridge this gap for legacy applications. GTW420-Pro's printing solutions utilize printers, E-Mail system, Postscript devices, Fax drivers and PDF converters.

e-Printing directs your printing to the E-Mail
You can start right now sending Invoices, PO's and reports directly to your clients and suppliers. e-Printing will maintain the look and feel of your documents as an E-Mail message. e-Printing does not require any E-Mail client.

Graphic printing set you free of any printer type
You do not need to buy a printer specifically fit to the legacy application. You can print to any printer. With Graphic printing you can use all modern solutions existing in the Windows environment. You can output printing to FAX, PDF, Postscript printers or any other printer.

Direct printing supports your legacy devices
Legacy devices like label printers that do not have Windows drivers, can steel be used thanks to this special printing mode.

Hyperlink support
Use any URL as an active hyperlink. You can store and use URL's on your legacy application. For example store a supplier's web site URL to access his catalogue. To use the hyperlink, double click on it. GTW420-Pro will open the browser and surf to the web site.

Extended editing
Multiple copy and paste buffers
Some times it is needed to use more then one buffer to copy and paste, GTW420-Pro shares 5 copy-paste buffers for all it's open sessions. You can copy up to five different fragments of text and paste them in any order at any GTW420-Pro session on the same machine.

Copy append
Standard copy erase old content of the clipboard and replace it. Sometimes it is needed to add the new copied information at the end of information already existing in the clipboard. This is exactly what Copy append does.

Auto copy
This editing option suggest shorten select/copy/paste cycle where you need only to select and paste the "Copy" is automatically done when you finish selection.

Smart marking device
Sometimes it is very hard to distinguish the location of a data item in a crowded screen, especially when the 132 columns mode is used. Some people solve this problem using plastic ruler, they put it from time to time on the screen to identify the exact location of the data item. GTW420-Pro offers a cross hair cursor, it's a screen wide floating cross you can turn on by right clicking your mouse; it will help you identify the exact location of data items.

Powerful programmable button bar
The button bar is an optional bar at the bottom of the screen, which allows you, the user, to customize it to your personal needs. It can be used to set shortcuts for commonly used commands, to run script, send commands to the printer, or assigned as function keys. User can define multiple button bars and change them with accordance to the context.

GTW420-Pro Offer unique combination of

modern working environment exploiting Windows and Internet technologies

Accurate terminal emulation

Fresh and modern look and touch,Updated GUI with current design
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