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GTW420-Pro - Accurate terminal emulator

In order to perform your work smoothly and efficiently, you will need a terminal emulator that precisely implements the features and characteristics of the terminal. GTW420-Pro is such terminal emulator. GTW420-Pro strict implementation will provide you a professional solution for your terminal emulation needs and surround with a supportive advanced environment.

GTW420-Pro has been designed to make your life easier. All "Terminal" settings are under the terminal section of the main menu. The sub menus are divided to "Display" "General" "Printer" "Keyboard" "Tab" "Function keys" menus just like the VT420 terminal.

GTW420-Pro Terminal emulator features:

  Emulates VT420, VT320, VT220, VT100, ANSI, D211
  Powerful Script Language.
  Flexible Keyboard Layout.
  Fast and reliable FTP - File Transfer
  Automatically Scaled fonts (Automatically change by window resize).
  True attributes display for Underline, Reverse
  All Screen Sizes 24,36,48 lines per Screen, 80 or 132 cols
  Rectangular area operations
  VT420 Macro support
  Support VT420 paging system
  Support for double width / double height characters.
  VT420 Programmable Function keys
  DDE links to other Windows applications

GTW420-Pro Offer unique combination of

modern working environment exploiting Windows and Internet technologies

Accurate terminal emulation

Fresh and modern look and touch,Updated GUI with current design
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